101 Things Designers Can Do to Save The Earth

120. Get inspired over coffee
May 4, 2010, 3:47 pm
Filed under: Project Concepts

We’ve been meaning to give Starbucks some props for some time over the excellent redesign of their University Village store. It’s as much an exhibit of sustainable building practices as it is a coffee shop, with informative displays throughout that explain why and how certain materials were used. One of the best parts of the project was the construction barrier fabricated from plywood etched with a high-pressure water jet.

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What about all the plastic wasted with their cups? Do they really deserve props for being “sustainable”?

Comment by Constança

According to the research I’ve done, there is no plastic in Starbucks cups. That’s not to say all that paper doesn’t pose a serious resource problem, but I’m not sure you’re right about the plastic comment.

Comment by svcseattle

I hope you’re right, but even if the cups are made of paper, aren’t the lids made of plastic/ styrofoam?

Comment by Constança

Starbucks was the first to use 10% post consumer goods to manufacture their cups- a trend that took competitors & small coffee shops a good 5 years to model. I think they deserve props for consistently being among the first to do anything environmentally sound. And now all of their cup components can be recycled- just check out their new recycle/compost bins in store.

Comment by celiat

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Comment by marc

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