101 Things Designers Can Do to Save The Earth

97. Turn used file folders inside out
June 30, 2007, 12:34 am
Filed under: Paper, Studio Practices

We bet you’re thinking this is the dumbest idea you’ve seen here yet. But not really. When a job’s complete, clean out the file, refold the thing inside out and you’re ready for a new project. You just cut your file folder expenses in half and saved some poor tree.

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or – use pencil! If you know it isn’t going to be a permanent file, write the name in pencil. When you are finished with it, just erase the name. Use it dozens of times!

Comment by Sandy

You know they plant more trees than they cut down right?

Comment by Shaun Greiner

I think there’s a bit more to this than saving a tree… how about cutting down on waste (if you were to throw out that file folder–for shame!!), or at least cut down on the amount of materials you recycle, and thus the amount of energy needed to recycle. Not to mention the energy required to make the file in the first place.

Comment by brandy

yes, pencil! or even if you originally write in ink or marker, you can cover it over with a label or a piece of tape and write on that.

Comment by Emilie

I like turning bubble mailers inside out and taping labels on. It’s not very professional looking but I do it for paperbackswap.com so who cares?

Comment by Heather

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